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"I just woke up Mike, and I always have to pee when I wake up. Since I don't feel like going to the bathroom I'm going to use you as my toilet." I panicked. I couldn't believe that my own wife had taken control of me to the point that she would make me drink her pee! Without asking, she moved her pussy over my mouth. WimpHub Cuckold Stories - My Place Tasha. Age: 29. Hi gentlemen I wanted so badly to be able to touch my cock but relief was impossible. Slave husband abused by wife and others. She released a stream of hot piss on to my upturned face, filling my mouth with her hot urine. "You will stay in that pool of my piss for an hour or so, while you consider what an honour it is to serve me and how to become a more obedient and more useful slave to your Mistress. Olesya. Age: 20. Hello there! I'm Tara and I am exactly what the doctor ordered! Hot, mature, with a vibrant personality and an absolutely amazing body! What more would you ask for? Golden Submission Cuckold husband story. You know how much I love you, and enjoy being married to you, but you also know that I have been dissatisfied with our sex life. . she informed me that I would have to drink all of her pee while we were together that week, so that I would be used to performing the task when my wife returned. FREE BDSM Stories, Novels, Movies and Information. Nan was the first woman who's pee I was forced to drink. At first I thought she was kidding One particular trip to Las Vegas was interesting because she wanted me to meet a Mistress and her slave husband who had been married for over 25 years. When they first.

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Brynn. Age: 21. I'm looking forward to meeting you. ;-) Jun 2, - His Mistress had enrolled him in a five week course at a local beauty school. This was the first time Henry had been forced to endure public humiliation. Being humiliated at home in front of his wife was one thing, he had found that he could endure just about anything, but being in a classroom filled with. My Mistress Radha. Pages: (1/2) > >>. wraith: This is the true story I am writing to you which happened in Bangalore, India, where I have been made foot slave with the It was a 2 bed room apartment in which husband and wife (her name was . If anybody needs to have sex slave or drink the piss of woman write me on my. Oct 18, - Cuckolding should only be done to enhance the relationship between the man and his Mistress, not to hurt it. Also, a I drink my wife's piss quite often and enjoy the warmth it gives me. drinking her piss has made me more dedicated husband for her and has reduced the small quarrels we had in general.


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