Leak pee piss takin whiz

Swedish · Thai · Turkish · Ukrainian · Vietnamese. Top definition. take a whizunknown. to take a piss; to urinate. BRB, I need to take a whiz. #to piss#to take a wazzard#whiz#to take a piss#pee#to take a leak#urinate#whizz. by ichikuun November 07, 37 6. Get the mug. Get a take a whiz mug for your sister Julia. iastra.info: Whiz Freedom Portable Reusable Urine Funnel: Health & Personal Care Teanna. Age: 22. merci Women Squirt Clips views, posted 18 days ago. This is the best invention ever and while my females friends think I'm nuts, I think they are nuts for not getting one!! (Informal) to urinate, to piss, relieve oneself. (Crude. Use caution with the topic. Usually in reference to a male.) I gotta take a leak. Man, it felt so good to finally take a leak. Joey. Age: 28. I'm an affectionate and assured girl of libertine persuasion Translation of "aller pisser" in English peeing, tinkling piddling widdling pissing pishing taking a leak scat taking a piss taking a whiz going for. Squirt(ing) the dirt (American truck driver slang); Steering Stanley to the stainless steel; Syphon the python; Taking a leak; Taking a pee; Taking a piss (considered a coarse expression in some quarters); Taking a slash; Taking a squirt; Taking a whiz`z; Tapping a kidney; Tinkle; Training Thomas on the terracotta; Troggle.

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Darcy. Age: 24. Wechat: Hot_ladyboy_jamila dew off the lily Soaking yourself Spend a penny Splashing the pirate Sprinkle (my tinkle) Squeeze the lemon Squirt Steering Stanley to the stainless steel Syphon the python Take a Chinese singing lesson Take a wicked "Yes" Taking a leak Taking a pee Taking a piss Taking a slash Taking a squirt Taking a whiz`z Talking. It's your job as an active dater to make a decision, based on behavior, as to whether or not you want. you should put out CD and such. However if you want a real relationship and you live in the same city you need to be. find his history if possible. Would you ask what was wrong with a 20 yo man doing this. Translations in context of "aller pisser" in French-English from Reverso Context: aller pisser un coup.


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