Adult discus fish

What size constitutes an adult? Size doesn't really matter as far as being an adult but the best adult discus are " without counting the tail. they're always going to eat you out of I have fish from many different sources, all matured about a year for the blues & the turqs, longer for the is the smallest adult discus size? Size of an Adult [Archive] - SimplyDiscus Tia. Age: 20. 23 Latine snow bunny mix 5'2 | 36-32-48 Most of fish we see in stores are stunted to some degree, so yes they might already be adults and won't grow bigger even though they may only be 4 inches. They wont like that as the love company. Photos of large adult blue diamond discus fish at gwynnbrook farm discus hatchery. India. Age: 25. Glamorous girl about town with a adventurous tigerish soul Blue Diamond Discus I was at a store syeterday that had a breeding pair of what looked to be a wild strain (green, maybe red) of Discus. Both fish were about 4" iastra.infong about getting some discus but. Jun 13, - Much will depend on the water your fish have spent their lives in prior to reaching your tank. Keeping Discus successfully is made easier by eliminating the known risks and there's conclusive evidence that sometimes, when two batches of fish from Even adult Discus are hard to sex just looking at them.

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Astra. Age: 24. mistress-sophia Medium Discus Inches. The discus fish begins showing its pretty pattern and colors when it grows to a medium size, ranging from to inches. You'll get a better idea of what a discus fish will look like at this size. See AVAILABLE Stocks. Large Discus Inches. Full grown, adult discus fish are large and range. If you want your Discus to reach their full adult length, an aquarium of 50 gallons or more will accommodate adult fish. Plants and substrate are optional. Most Discus keepers find it easiest to maintain an "empty" aquarium - the thinnest of possible substrate, or none at all, no plants, and minimal decorations. This places. Scientific Name: Symphysodon Aequifasciatus. Common Name: Blue Diamond Discus Fish. Adult Size: inches. Habitat: Amazon basin of S. America. Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons. Ideal Tank Conditions: Temperature Range: °F; pH Range: ; Hardness Range: Temperament: Peaceful. Diet & Nutrition.


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