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Sep 9, - I was just wondering if you could tell me how long semen can survive outside of the human body. My girlfriend is Answer. Seminal fluid dries out very quickly when it's outside the body - and once it's dried, the sperm die almost at once. He was abused as a child and it's affecting our sex life · I become. How long do sperm live outside the body? Naughty. Age: 19. i am like a cat, i like spending time with people especially men as it makes me purr. I am a barely legal blonde and very promiscuous, especially at night. We can just go to a fine dining restaurant and thereafter go to your room to do the real entertainment. I love to take off my clothes and crawl around on the floor with nothing on. My body is made for sin and it is ready when you are. Is my smell normal? There is some debate as to whether this fluid contains sperm cells. Most sperm die within minutes after ejaculation inside the vagina or outside the woman's genital tract. Once sperm enter the woman's genital tract, the cervix and uterus, most die within days, but some can survive up to 5 days and thus the longest that sperm can survive in fertile cervical fluid or the uterus is five days. Aiden. Age: 29. Xoxo ur isabella :)) Sperm Life And Survival How long can sperm survive outside the body? Again, this depends on the environment. On a dry surface, like bedclothes or clothing, sperm die before the semen is dry. Sperm can survive longer in a warm bath or hot tub as they thrive in wet environments. However, the chances of getting a woman pregnant this way are. By Dan Roe August 30, sperm lifespan. Getty. As anyone in a pregnancy scare has probably wanted to know, errant sperm can live inside the body for three to five days—provided the Sperm outside the body, on the coffee table, or wherever you decide to put them, they're only going to live about 15 to 30 minutes.”.

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Lada. Age: 24. Are u looking to meet a nice girl? Oct 1, - Sperm cells can live up to few minutes on a piece of cloth, up to 5 minutes in a woman's body and for several years frozen in a laboratory. Here are more details. Dec 11, - Outside the body, sperms live for just a few minutes to a couple hours. Getting pregnant can be tricky. Sometimes, you might need to track your ovulation for months to get things right. But it doesn't just depend on the woman. How long the sperm lives inside the female body can be a major game changer.


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